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Resource - 06 (2021 - 2022)

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January 31

Exponential Function Notes RES 06.pdf

Statistics (Correlation) Notes RES 06.pdf

RES - 06 Review.pdf

AnswersRES - 06 Review Solutions.pdf

Test on Topics from December13 - January 31, on February 2
January 24 Second-Degree and Periodic Function Notes RES 06.pdf    
December 20

Trigonometry Notes 2 - RES06.pdf

Area of a Triangle Notes RES 06.pdf

Law of Sines Notes RES 06.pdf

Connected Triangles Trigonometry Problems (MAS406).pdf    
December 13 Trigonometry Notes 1 - RES06.pdf

Work Sheet:  RES 06 Trig Work Sheet.pdf  

Answers: RES 06 Trig Work Sheet Answers.pdf

December 6

congruent and Similar Triangles Notes (Res - 06).pdf

Right Triangles - Metric Relations (Res-06).pdf

1)  Work Sheet:  Analytic Geometry Worksheets for Practice.pdf 

Answers: Analytic Geometry Worksheets for Practice Answers.pdf

 2)  Work Sheet: Triangles Practice Questions.pdf

Answers: Triangles Practice Work Sheet Answers (MCS406).pdf

3)  Work Sheet:  Metric Relations Stencil.pdf

Answers:  Metric Relations Stencil Answers.pdf  

Test on Topics from October 25 - Dec 6, on December 13
November 15

Midpoint Formula Notes (Res 06).pdf

Division Point Notes (Res 06).pdf

Work Sheet:  Questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 & 12

Distance & Lines Practice Work Sheet (MTS408).pdf

Answers:  Analytic Geometry Work Sheet Part 1 (MTS408).pdf

                 Analytic Geometry Work Sheet Part 2 (MTS408).pdf
October 25 Distance Formula Notes RES-06.pdf      
October 4 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Graphing Lines Notes Res - 06.pdf    
September 27  Equation of a Line (Standard and General) Notes Res - 01.pdf      



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